PayPal and BitCoin payments Facebook Join and Login functions
SMS payments system Special version for mobile users
Verotel credit card paments Photo review system
Premium membership system Advanced administrating system


1 - PayPal payments integration.
2 - Bit-Coin intant payment integration (by BlockChain.info).
3 - SMS payment integration (by Fortumo).
4 - Verotel payments integration (credit cards).

5 - Facebook Join and Login functions.
6 - Special version for mobile users (system automatically detects if user is using mobile device or not).

7 - Premium membership selling system.
8 - Different premium membership pricing options.
9 - Different messages limit for premium members and free members.
10 - Different photos limit for premium members and free members.
11 - Premium members have premium member icon before their username.

12 - Private and public photos system (private photos are visible only to those who user has liked).
13 - Users can rotate their public and private photos.

14 - Custom built in compatibility for CloudFlare (gives an extra boost to website loading speed).
15 - 100% of user photos can be cashed by CloudFlare because all photos have unique file names.

16 - Internal messaging system.
17 - Users can add emoticons into their messages.
18 - New message sound notification (by default new message sound is enabled, but users can disable it).

19 - New users list page.
20 - Online users list page.
21 - Direct search links to search members by country or gender.

22 - Usernames have online or offline icon before their username.
23 - Users with photo have bold username.
24 - Men and women have different username colors.
25 - Hovering over username shows user photo, gender, age, location and last online time.

26 - Users can see who have visited their profile.
27 - Users can see the list of users who they themselves have visited.

28 - Users can hide their profile page and still keep using their account.
29 - Users can change their profile default photo.
30 - Users can ban other users and see banned users list.
31 - Users can like other users and see the list of users who they liked.
32 - Users can see the list of users who like them.

33 - Users can set time difference value for website time and their local time.
34 - Users can manually change between desktop or mobile version of the website.

35 - Users can send “winks” (hello message with animated emoticon).
36 - Users can like other users (sends notification to other user and gives him/her the right to see private photos).
37 - Users can ban other users (prevents sending messages).
38 - All visitors can flag users (reports user to administrator).

39 - As an extra layer of security, all user passwords are saved in encrypted form.
40 - Password entering limit for each IP address (makes it hard to guess passwords).
41 - Users can replace their forgotten password with new one by using password reset link (sends message to users email).
42 - Client support questions and answers page.
43 - “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” pages (written by law office).
44 - DMCA notification form (created by law office).
45 - Contact form for users to contact website administrator.

46 - Internal IP locations database that detects visitors location.
47 - IP location detector shows visitors country first in registration form and in search form.
48 - Visitors see in search results and in online users list those users first who live in same country as they do.

49 - Block users by country (IP location).
50 - Block users by IP list.
51 - Block users by Email list.
52 - Block usernames by bad words list.

53 - Image verification system that makes sure that website user is human.
54 - Ajax registration form validation that notifies if entered username is already taken.

55 - Website has open source code (except one license file).

56 - XML sitemap page (makes website more visible in Google);
57 - Google friendly user profile links and page headers.

58 - Add or remove premium membership status to users.
59 - Suspend user accounts.
60 - Activate user accounts (when user is waiting email confirmation or is suspended).
61 - Use photo review system for public and private photos.
62 - Use messages live feed page for monitoring website activities.
63 - Use administrators search page.
64 - See and delete messages of all users.
65 - See IP that was used to send a message.
66 - See IP that was used to register user account.
67 - Ban IP addresses.
68 - See Email that was used to register user account.
69 - Ban Email addresses.
70 - See witch users have used the same IP to register their account.
71 - See witch users have used same password to register their account.
72 - Make website photos visible before or after administrator review.
73 - Delete users and all their data.
74 - Enable image test for a user (enables image test when user is sending messages, to make sure user is human).
75 - Use “hide user profile” function (user can still send messages but is not visible in search results, online users list, new users list or in front page among random user profiles).
76 - Add notes to user profiles (visible only to administrator).
77 - Send administrator messages to users.
78 - Use templates to send administrator messages.
79 - Change the time how long users stay online in online users list.
80 - Set the list of characters that are allowed in username.
81 - Set limit for user photo dimensions.
82 - Set limit for user photo file size.
83 - Clean automatically website database from old user messages and other data (CronJob function).

84 - View the list of BitCoin payments.
85 - View the list of users who have used same device for logging in (based on cookie statistics).
86 - See when users have logged in or joined with Facebook.
87 - See the list of IP-s that were used for logging in.
88 - View the list of users who are waiting email confirmation.
89 - View suspended users list.
90 - Delete inactive users.
91 - View the list of blocked Emails.
92 - View the list of blocked IP addresses.
93 - View the list of users who have been hidden by administrator.
94 - View the list of users who are required to complete image test when sending messages.